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Resources about manipulating Crash Bandicoot data
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Crash Bandicoot Resources

This repository was made to collect all the resource about crash bandicoot file format and related reverse engineer studies and tools, feel free to contribute with fork + pull request.

Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy (CB NST)

CBNST is composed by file.pak that are archives, can we open/edit it? Yes! We can use NeoKesha's tool, NeoKesha's tool, PAK Explorer , it allows to extract the content, modify the position of the file, repack and create new patch.

Little example here, this video show how to swap the models and repack, indeed, at the end of the video we can see a scene of Crash Bandicoot where the 3D models (file.igz) of the evil characters are swapped with the bandicoot characters.

NST PAK Explorer allows to extract the file but one by one, to extract automatically all the archive we can use the Aluigi's tool Quickbms Aluigi's tool Quickbms and the related script compatible with CBNST.

Problem: we still can't open the .igz files, here there are some users that are working on it, they will give updates on that thread. I found on github a tool that can convert file .igz into .pvr file but I don't know really if it works properly.


For Linux users? These tools are compatible with Windows, but they work pretty good with wine/mono, about quickbms it works, but there is also the source code available.

PAK & IGZ file format structure

CBNST Mods Released

Level Mod by ARD guide & download Crash Classic Soundtrack guide & download

Character Mods

Interesting projects about CBNST

  • ReBandicoot, this project is attempting to reverse engineer the CBNST game github
  • Insan3Mod modtools for CBNST github

Crash Twinsanity

NeoKesha's Crash Twinsanity Editor github, reference, youtube

Crash Bandicoot Trilogy (PS1)

The Crash Bandicoot Trilogy games are composed by **.NSD, .NSF file how to get them? If you have the Game.cdz you can convert it to Game.bin with psxfin or cdztool (PSX tool included in the emulator) and then to Game.iso with ccd2iso if you use Linux/Mac or with these tools if you use Windows. When you have the iso file you can easily extract it and get the NSD/NSF files.

When you have the NSD/NSF files you can open them with the tool CrashEdit or drnsf, the former allows to edit, play/export the sound file, the texture etc. the latter, allows to open the nsd/nsf file and view the 3D models. Drnsf don't export the 3D models, while the last version of CrashEdit should allows to export the scenery 3d model.

Another tool that export the 3D models is Crash-Bandicoot-2-Modelexport but it depends on CrashEdit as you can see in this video.

A simple tool (for developers mainly) that only "load" the nsf file in memory and start to work on them could be crash-bandicoot-nsf, is a simple python script to read the nsf file, you can use it to study how this kind of programs works and maybe write a new one.



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