PokemonGoDesktop.API is a Packet and Contract library for Pokemon Go use on desktop. Based on net35 and utilizing Protobuf for messaging.
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PokemonGODesktop.API is a collection of net35 libraries and APIs that can be used to implement a fully functional desktop version of Pokemon Go. It's built on top of reverse engineered work from the community, based on the protobuf defintions ranging from python projects to .Net projects. PokemonGODesktop.API channels the entire community's work into a push for a standalone version of the game.

Project Overview

Proto Definitions: Contains the .proto definitions for serializable types and request/response message types. Additionally it contains the code generated Google.Protobuf classes that are actually compilable.

Proto Compiler: Contains the source for the simple directory recursive argument builder that are needed to compile the .proto definitions with Protoc. Also invokes Protoc with those arguments generating the code in the Gen directory of the Proto project. Additionally, this compiler generates marker interfaces on some proto classes to help enforce some compiler protection for things.

Proto Services: Contains extensions for various important proto generated classes for Pokemon Go. Also implementing some services for creating or reading from commonly used proto classes in Pokemon Go.

Client Services: Contains interfaces, contracts and types important to building a Pokemon Go client. Including only the bare minimum. Contains nothing related to game logic.


Proto Definitions: https://github.com/AeonLucid/POGOProtos

Auth and Bot Logic: https://github.com/FeroxRev/Pokemon-Go-Rocket-API


To use this project you'll first need a couple of things:

  • Visual Studio 2015


Available on the official Nuget Feed:

Client Services


Proto Services



Linux/Mono - Unit Tests

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Windows - Unit Tests

(Done locally)


This project is licensed under the GPL.