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Welcome to the Crimson Skies Aeronaut wiki!

CS Aeronaut is an unoffical custom aircraft, zeppelin and pilot design/editing tool for the out-of-print CRIMSON SKIES boardgame created by FASA.

Inspired by Scott Janssens' CADET. The first Crimson Skies Editor. Very special thanks to Patrick Koepke for releasing his "Zeppelin & Bombers" sourcebook un-official.

Dedicated to all the fans of Crimson Skies.


Supports the official rules from all official sources. Supports FF5 housrules. Covers also rockets and aircrafts from the original PC game.

Including new items and aircrafts from "National Air Races" by Jason Tudor

Since version 1.1.0 (Work in Progress): Supports the "un-official" "Zeppelin & Bombers" rules written by Patrick Koepke (Autor of "Pride of the Republic")

"Zeppelin & Bombers" can be downloaded here:

Original CADET prove of concept parser by Neil Holley: Bitbucket

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