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Releases: HertzDevil/SnevenTracker

SnevenTracker 0.2.2

06 Dec 01:51
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  • Overloaded NE0 / NE1 for noise reset enable effect
  • Added SN76489 stereo separation to mixer menu
  • Re-added file association
  • SN76489 VGM logger now eliminates extra register writes that have no side effects
  • Extended VGM header size so that it will not be misinterpreted by certain players
  • Fixed text export and import (for SN7T only)
  • Renamed NCx to "Channel swap"
  • Samples are now properly downmixed to mono for visualizers

SnevenTracker 0.2.1

04 Dec 08:31
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  • Overloaded Nxx for Game Gear stereo control
  • Channels no longer reduce to zero volume when the mixed volume is less than 0 (to match 0CC-FT's 5B behaviour)
  • Fixed arpeggio on noise channel now maps 0 to L-# and 2 to H-# (backward-incompatible change, modify your modules accordingly)
  • Fixed VGM logs putting 0 in the sample count fields

Release notes taken from BotB:

Click "Log VGM File..." under the Tracker menu, save a VGM somewhere, then the next time you play a song everything will be logged to the VGM file until you stop the player.

The NCx effect allows you to bind the noise channel's pitch to any square channel, not just the third one. For example, NC2 makes the noise channel follow Square 2's pitch for C-# notes; internally, this causes Square 2 to write to the registers of channel 3, and Square 3 to channel 2. Every time this effect is used there will be a small pop in the audio, but judicious use of it can make the pop almost unnoticeable.

The next version will focus on getting all those variants of the SN76489 to work. There is no guarantee on how fast I could deliver new SN7T releases since I still need to work on MGCInts and 0CC-FamiTracker.

The following extra sound chips, and only the following extra sound chips, are planned for SN7T: OPLL (YM2413), OPN2 (YM2612), T6W28, dual SN76489.

SnevenTracker 0.2.0

04 Dec 02:09
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Obsolete, get v0.2.1 instead

  • Added VGM logger (with vgm_cmp postprocessing and proper GD3 tag support); use vgmlpfnd manually for looped songs
  • Added NCx noise pitch rebind effect
  • Channels now use subtractive mixing instead of multiplicative mixing for channel volume and instrument volume

SnevenTracker 0.1.0

02 Dec 18:48
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test build, no export format available yet