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This is a personal repository for a debian version from twelveeighty's patch (from ArchLinux's forum) to allow the Broadcom 4365 driver to work on Linux Kernel 3.6.x

Original Forum Topic:

Original ArchLinux Package on Aur:

How to use ?

From Binary:

  • Simply download the debian package from the bin directory on this repo, and install it


dpkg --install wireless-bcm43142-dkms-

From Source:

  • Patch the driver with the supplied patch

cd usr/src/wireless-bcm43142-oneiric-dkms-

patch -p1 < patches/0001-Makefile.patch

  • make it, or even better, dpkg --build wireless-bcm43142-dkms-

  • Install it (if you used dpkg --build, then dpkg --install it)

  • To test without restarting, add the wl module to your kernel by modprobe wl

  • Test if your WLAN card is working through iwconfig

Tested on Linux Mint 13 (Maya) Mate on a Dell Inspiron 5520