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HPE OneView Chatbot Integration
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Hubot script that interfaces with the OneView RESTful API and SCMB

HPE OneView is a fresh approach to converged infrastructure management, inspired by the way you expect to work, with a single integrated view of your IT infrastructure.

To get started with this project please read the getting started WIKI


  • Single sign on to HPE OneView resources
  • Visualize HPE OneView hardware utilization
  • Support for HPE OneView push notifications and alerts
  • Support for multiple OneView appliances
  • Rich support for Slack, HipChat and Flowdock

HPE OneView Hubot in Slack HPE OneView Hubot in Slack

Contributing and Feature Requests

Contributing: Fork it, branch it, change it, commit it, and pull-request it. We are looking for help and are committed to improving the quality and usefulness of the project. When making changes, please keep the following in mind:

  • Please start by opening an issue in the Issues tab to discuss your ideas. By doing so, you may find that what you want to do is in progress by others, or you may get others who are willing to help.
  • Once the idea has been added to the Issues tab and agreement has been made on the scope and next steps, add a comment to the issue requesting a contributor license agreement from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. When the agreement has been received you can work on adding your change via a Pull Request.

Feature Requests: Please check the project’s Issues tab to find a list of known bugs and feature enhancements. If you do not find an issue that covers your need please open a new issue.


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).

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