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HPE SimpliVity Go SDK

This library provides a Go interface to the HPE SimpliVity REST APIs.

HPE SimpliVity is an intelligent hyperconverged platform that speeds application performance, improves efficiency and resiliency, and backs up and restores VMs in seconds.


import ""

Construct a new OVC client, then use the various resource clients available on the OVC client to access the resource specific features. For example:

//Create an OVC client
client, _ := ovc.NewClient("username", "password", "ovc_ip", "certificate_path") // with certificate
client, _ := ovc.NewClient("username", "password", "ovc_ip", "") // without certificate

//Get all the VMs without Filters
vmList, _ := client.VirtualMachines.GetAll(ovc.GetAllParams{})

//Get a VM resource by its name
vmByName, _ = client.VirtualMachines.GetByName(vmName)

//Clone the above VM
vm, err = vmByName.Clone("new_vm_name", false)

For more examples, head over to the example directory.

API Implementation

Status of the HPE SimpliVity REST interfaces that have been implemented in this Go library can be found in the endpoints-support file.

Contributing and feature requests

Contributing: We welcome your contributions to the Go SDK for HPE SimpliVity. See for more details.

Feature Requests: If you have a need that is not met by the current implementation, please let us know (via a new issue). This feedback is crucial for us to deliver a useful product. Do not assume that we have already thought of everything, because we assure you that is not the case.


When contributing code to this project, we require tests to accompany the code being delivered. That ensures a higher standing of quality, and also helps to avoid minor mistakes and future regressions.


This project is licensed under the Apache license. Please see LICENSE for more information.

Version and changes

To view history and notes for this version, view the CHANGELOG.