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Coverage-guided grammar aware fuzzer that uses grammar automatons


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Gramatron is a coverage-guided fuzzer that uses grammar automatons to perform grammar-aware fuzzing. Technical details about our framework are available in our ISSTA'21 paper. The artifact to reproduce the experiments presented in our paper are present in artifact/. Instructions to run a sample campaign and incorporate new grammars is presented below:

Run a sample fuzz campaign

  • Pull the docker image and spawn a shell inside it
docker pull prashast94/gramatron:latest
docker run --security-opt seccomp=unconfined -it prashast94/gramatron:latest /bin/bash
  • To pull the gramatron version that's setup for Ubuntu focal instead run:
docker pull prashast94/gramatron:focal
docker run --security-opt seccomp=unconfined -it prashast94/gramatron:focal /bin/bash
  • Setup a test target
cd gramfuzz-mutator
  • Run a fuzz campaign using Gramatron.
./ ~/grammars/ruby/source_automata.json test_output "/tmp/mruby/bin/mruby @@"
- You should see the campaign start up with a UI screen displaying the campaign in progress
- Validate that the `new edges on` row  under `findings in depth` has a non-zero number to sanity check 
  that the campaign is progressing as expected
- After validating exit the fuzzing campaign using `Ctrl-C` 

Adding and testing a new grammar

  • Specify in a JSON format for CFG. Examples are correspond source.json files
  • Run the automaton generation script (in src/gramfuzz-mutator/preprocess) which will place the generated automaton in the same folder.
./ <grammar_file> <start_symbol> [stack_limit]

Eg. ./ ~/grammars/ruby/source.json PROGRAM
  • If the grammar has no self-embedding rules then you do not need to pass the stack limit parameter. However, if it does have self-embedding rules then you need to pass the stack limit parameter. We recommend starting with 5 and then increasing it if you need more complexity
  • To sanity-check that the automaton is generating inputs as expected you can use the test binary housed in src/gramfuzz-mutator
./test SanityCheck <automaton_file>

Eg. ./test SanityCheck ~/grammars/ruby/source_automata.json

Installing from scratch

If instead of using the provided Dockerfile you want to install Gramatron from scratch follow the instructions below:

  • Install json-c
git clone
cd json-c && git reset --hard af8dd4a307e7b837f9fa2959549548ace4afe08b && sh && ./configure && make && make install
  • Go into src/ directory and run the script


Coverage-guided grammar aware fuzzer that uses grammar automatons







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