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A minimal image sharing site kit, built with 11ty and NetlifyCMS. Ideal for photography, illustration, and web comics. If you're more interested in sharing your creativity than messing around with host providers and complex website builders, Ga11ery is for you.

A photo displayed with Ga11ery. Above it is the photo's title, and below it is the next, previous, and random navigation


Here's a little demo site, with just 4 images


  • Screen reader and keyboard accessible.
  • Fully responsive.
  • RSS enabled.
  • Classic web comic style navigation, with "random" option.
  • Tiny page weight (About 3.5KB, including the inlined CSS). Users download little more than the images themselves.

Get started

Step 1: Deploy

Deploy to Netlify, and follow the instructions. You will need to create a Netlify account if you don't have one.

Deploy to Netlify

Step 2: Set up the CMS

The CMS is configured and ready to use. But first, you need to set up authentication. You can follow Netlify's short guide or the following steps (as found in the documentation for Andy's Hylia starter kit:

  • Once you’ve set up the site on Netlify, go to Settings > Identity and enable Identity.
  • Scroll down to the Git Gateway area, click Enable Git Gateway and follow the steps.
  • Click the Identity tab at the top.
  • Once you’ve enabled identity, click Invite Users.
  • Check the invite link in your inbox and click the link in the email that’s sent to you.
  • Set a password in the popup box.
  • Go to /admin on your site and login.
  • You’re in and ready to edit your content!
  • IMPORTANT: make sure you change Settings > Site info > Site URL to match the Netlify domain/URL of your new site, or your custom domain if configured

Step 3: That's it!

Er... that's it!

Version history

Want to get writing instead?

Ga11ery is just for sharing images. If you want a writing/blogging starter kit, try Hylia.