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Hikari(Light in Japanese, name stolen from the Nintendo Switch game Xenoblade Chronicles 2) is my hackathon-ishtoy project for the 2017 Christmas to kill time.It's already stable enough to use in production environment. However, as initially planned, Hikari has been ported to LLVM 6.0 release version and no longer being actively maintained due to the time and effort it takes. You can find the history of its development at developer branch. Further enhancements include more features like Code-Intergrity Checking and a full anti-hook implementation. These are not open-source and will probably be released as a commercial product. If you know me close enough we can discuss the license model and pricing issue because I might not be able to provide real-time bug fix and stuff.


Hikari is relicensed from Obfuscator-LLVM and LLVM upstream's permissive NCSA license to GNU Affero General Public License Version 3. tl;dr: The obfuscated LLVM IR and/or obfuscated binary is not restricted in anyway, however any other project containing code from Hikari needs to be open source and licensed under AGPLV3 as well, even for web-based obfuscation services.

macOS Quick Install

This script assumes current working directory is not the user's home directory(aka ~/). cd to some where else if this is the case. This script also assumes you have cmake and ninja installed, if not, use Homebrew and similar package managers to install them

git clone -b release_70 Hikari \
&& mkdir Build && cd Build && \
-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=~/Library/Developer/ ../Hikari && ninja &&ninja install-xcode-toolchain && git clone \ ~/Hikari && rsync -a --ignore-existing \ /Applications/ \ ~/Library/Developer/Toolchains/Hikari.xctoolchain/ && \
rm ~/Library/Developer/Toolchains/Hikari.xctoolchain/ToolchainInfo.plist

Building on Unix

Most parts are the same, you just remove all the commands related to Xcode

git clone -b release_70 Hikari \
&& mkdir Build && cd Build && \
cmake -G "Ninja" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=MinSizeRel -DLLVM_APPEND_VC_REV=on \
../Hikari && ninja && ninja install && git clone \ ~/Hikari

Building on Windows

You can either use a UNIX-Like environment like MinGW / Cygwin (Based upon community feedback. I personally have zero success building LLVM on Windows, even with official LLVM release tarballs. And let's be honest, you can get a more curable cancer by walking through a nuclear mushroom cloud than developing on Windows), or just edit lib/Transforms/Obfuscation/FunctionCallObfuscate.cpp ,remove #include <dlfcn.h> and then clean up all function bodies in this file, add return false if required. Since that thing isn't supported on Windows anyway and I have no plan to adding support for Windows to that Obfuscation Pass.

Or, you know, try switch to another OS that isn't developed by retards instead of using some expensive and buggy OS that nobody really cares about.

Plus, even if you managed to get things working, there is a chance that the LLVM Frontend Clang won't accept your code (Google MSVC nonstandard behavior), so if you are using some non-standard compatible code, you might as well fall back to alternative solutions on Windows

Known Issues

  • Running AntiClassDump On A File Without ObjC Class will crash the executable.

Extra Features in Commercial Version:

  • GlobalVariable Reference Obfuscation
  • Target Jump Address in IndirectBranch Obfuscation
  • Anti Disassembler on Certain Archs
  • Constant Encryption
  • Code Integrity Protection(aka Anti InlineHook,Anti Patching)(Currently supports iOS/macOS only)
  • Swift 4.1 Support
  • Support all terminators in Flattening, open-source version simply skips the whole function if it contains unsupported instruction
  • And many bug fixes

Work In Progress Features in Commercial Version

  • Virtualization
  • C++ RTTI Obfuscation
  • Syscall Lowering


This only demonstrates a limited part of Hikari's capabilities. Download the complete demo and analyze yourself, link in the documentation
IndirectBranch InstructionReplacement StringEncryption