Japanese text8 corpus for word embedding.
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ja.text8 is a small (100MB) text corpus from the web (japanese wikipedia).

You can download ja.text8 corpus from the following link:


You can train word2vec by ja.text8. After downloading ja.text8, run the following code. It takes about 2 minutes to finish training:

import logging
from gensim.models import word2vec

logging.basicConfig(format='%(asctime)s : %(levelname)s : %(message)s', level=logging.INFO)
sentences = word2vec.Text8Corpus('ja.text8')
model = word2vec.Word2Vec(sentences, size=200)

After the training, you can test the model as follows:

>>> model.most_similar(['日本'])
[('中国', 0.598496675491333),
 ('韓国', 0.5914819240570068),
 ('アメリカ', 0.5286925435066223),
 ('英国', 0.5090063810348511),
 ('台湾', 0.4761126637458801),
 ('米国', 0.45954638719558716),
 ('アメリカ合衆国', 0.45181626081466675),
 ('イギリス', 0.44740626215934753),
 ('ソ連', 0.43657147884368896),
 ('海外', 0.4325913190841675)]



  • Python 3.x
  • MeCab
  • virtualenv

Make corpus by yourself

You can download ja.text8. But you can make the corpus by yourself.

Simply run:

$ ./setup.sh