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Discord Encryption

An experimental encryption solution for Discord using BetterDiscord


Adds ability to encrypt / decrypt messages on discord using a set password

  • Utilizes AES-256 encryption via the stanford javascript crypto library
  • Messages are decrypted the moment they are receved with little to no delay
  • Encrypted messages appear as green
  • Messages that fail to be decrypted (most likely due to an incorrect password) display a message and appear as red

Context Context

How to use


  • Place 'encryption.plugin.js' in BetterDiscord's plugin folder and then enable it in the settings
  • To set the encryption password open discord with the plugin enabled and an input box will appear for the password to be entered (can be changed / recovered by right-clicking the lock icon)

Context Context


  • To toggle the encryption simply click the lock icon (it should turn green) for all messages sent to be encrypted
  • Receved messages are decrypted automatically
  • To view or change the encryption password simply right-click the lock icon and an input box will appear - passwords are automatically saved as you type



  • On start the lock button may not appear - to solve this just open another channel and reopen the desired chat and the button should reinitialize

Encrypted Message


Decrypted Message