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HoloTuber Kit for Azure Kinect

This is a simple volumetric video capture & AR visualization kit. Real-time 3D image is reconstructed from RGB-D images wihch are broadcasted via YouTube.

[YouTube Video]

If you'd like to try HoloTuber Kit with WebRTC, please see following repository.


Viewer Applications

Following version of hologram viewer application are avairable.
・nreal light
・ARCore / ARKit
・Meta Quest
 -Android Phone and Quest must be developer mode.
・HoloLens 2
・WindowsPC (DesktopAR with HoloSDK)
 -You need to install HoloSDK.

Capture Application

This application captures RGB and Depth image from Azure Kinect and generates RGB-D conbined image.
To broadcast hologram, OBS Studio and your own YouTube account are also necessary.

OBS Studio:

Dlownload Page

How to Live Streaming with HoloTuber Kit

Streaming Volumetric Video (PC -> YouTube)

  1. Set display scale to 100% in display setting of Windows.

  2. Download and unzip

  3. Copy all files inclued in the directry of Azure Kinect SDK.
    C:\Program Files\Azure Kinect SDK v1.4.1\sdk\windows-desktop\amd64\release\bin
    This application works with AzureKinect 1.4.1!

  4. Connect a Azure Kinect with a PC.

  5. Launch KinectCapture4PC.exe.

  6. Launch OBS Studio.

  7. Open Settings

  8. Open Stream and select YouTube.

  9. Click Content Account(recommended) button and connect to your YouTube accound.

  10. Open Video to set resolution referring to following information.
    Base Resolution : 1280x576
    Output Resolution : 1280x576

  11. Click OK button.

  12. Click Add button of Source area placed lower area.

  13. Click Window Capture.

  14. Click OK.

  15. Select [KinectCapture4PC.exe]: Viwer from Window dropdown enu.

  16. Clik OK.

  17. Click Start Streaming button.

  18. Set information of streaming and click Create broadcast and start streaming button.

Viewer application can play not only YouTube Live streaming but also pre-recorded RGB-D video.
If you want to use this feature please do following procedure instead of clicking Start Streaming.

  1. Open Settings of OBS Studio.
  2. Click Output and select mp4 as recording format.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Click Start Recording. (Stop recording when recording is finished.)
  5. Upload recorded video to YouTube by using web browser.

Receiving Volumetric Video(YouTube -> AR Devices)

  1. Open video in YouTube.
  2. Click Share button.
  3. Check the URL of the Streaming or Recorded Video.

  4. Launch viewer application on your device.
  5. Input content ID shown after ""
  6. Tap Connect button.

Give Me Your Feedback

I'm glad if you'll give me feedback, or tag me or use hash tag, #HoloTuberKit, when you share the video of your experience on SNS or other web-media.

Contact Me
Twitter: @Tks_Yoshinaga (
LinkedIn: Takashi Yoshinaga (
Instagram: tks_yoshinaga (

If you have any questions.

There is the channel of HoloTuber Kit on Discord of AR_Fukuoka.
Feel free to join us!


Simple Volumetric Video capture & AR visualizer for Azure Kinect. YouTube and OBS studio are also necessary to broadcast RGB-D images.







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