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Plugin development kit for the 4th major edition of the HomeSeer platform.
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HomeSeer Plugin SDK

A software development kit used to create plugins for the HomeSeer platform.

Using the SDK

This SDK can be downloaded and built from source, but, for the purpose of plugin development, we recommend you add the NuGet package to your project to make sure you are using the latest, stable version. that maps to the HS4 version listed above. The code associated with this version is available in the master branch.


You can find some helpful resources and a getting started guide in the Plugin SDK documentation.


There are a few open-source plugin samples available to help you that are listed on the Sample Plugins page in the Plugin SDK documentation.

API Reference

A full API Reference is built from source using DocFX and is available for you through GitHub Pages in the API Reference Section

Release Notes

Version release notes are also published along side the API Reference in the Release Notes Section

Questions and Contributions

Please submit any questions, bugs, and requests as issues in this repository. Contributions to this SDK are encouraged and welcome. Fork this repository and submit a pull request.


This SDK is available for your use according to the GNU Affero General Public License. Please also make sure to read and familiarize yourself with HomeSeer's 3rd-party development distribution policy if you are looking to publish any work using this SDK.

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