🚀 Starts Homebrew formulae's plists with launchctl
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Homebrew Services

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Integrates Homebrew formulae with macOS's launchctl manager.

By default, plists are installed to ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ and run as the current user upon login. When brew services is run as the root user, plists are installed to /Library/LaunchDaemons/, and run as the root user on boot.


brew tap homebrew/services


Install and start service mysql at login

$ brew install mysql
$ brew services start mysql

Run service. Don't start at login (nor boot):

$ brew services run mysql

Stop service mysql:

$ brew services stop mysql

Restart service mysql:

$ brew services restart mysql

Install and start dnsmasq service at boot

$ brew install dnsmasq
$ sudo brew services start dnsmasq

List all services managed by brew services

$ brew services list

Run/start/stop/restart all available services

$ brew services run|start|stop|restart --all