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require 'formula'
class RomTools < Formula
homepage ''
url 'svn://', :revision => 17961
version '0.147'
head 'svn://'
depends_on :x11
depends_on 'sdl'
def install
ENV['INCPATH'] = "-I./src/lib/util -I#{MacOS::X11.include}"
ENV['PTR64'] = (MacOS.prefer_64_bit? ? '1' : '0')
system 'make romcmp'
system 'make jedutil'
system 'make chdman'
system 'make tools'
bin.install %W[
castool chdman floptool imgtool jedutil ldresample ldverify regreg
romcmp src2htm srcclean testkeys unidasm
bin.install 'split' => 'rom-split'
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