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clang-format 2014-12-03 (new formula)

clang-format is a versatile source code formatter, part of the clang
(and thus llvm) project. It can be used for C++, ObjC, Java, and

The build is using cmake and ninja for speed; building all of llvm or
using configure and make is very slow.

clang-format is released in roughly monthly testing pushes, tracked by
the subversion tags in "google/testing/yyyy-MM-dd". This formula uses
tarballs from github that correspond to the resolved tags.

Closes #35777.

Signed-off-by: Mike McQuaid <>
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mprobst authored and MikeMcQuaid committed Jan 9, 2015
1 parent bc27b18 commit 08e363cd65a20f27cc2980a9f75c2db1f7c11723
Showing with 47 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +47 −0 Library/Formula/clang-format.rb
@@ -0,0 +1,47 @@
class ClangFormat < Formula
homepage ""
version "2014-12-03"

stable do
url "", :using => :svn

resource "clang" do
url "", :using => :svn

resource "libcxx" do
url ""
sha1 "c98beed86ae1adf9ab7132aeae8fd3b0893ea995"

depends_on "cmake" => :build
depends_on "ninja" => :build
depends_on "subversion" => :build

fails_with :clang do
build 503
cause "Host Clang must be able to find libstdc++4.7 or newer!"

def install
(buildpath/"projects/libcxx").install resource("libcxx")
(buildpath/"tools/clang").install resource("clang")

mkdir "build" do
system "cmake", "..", "-G", "Ninja", *std_cmake_args
system "ninja", "clang-format"
bin.install "bin/clang-format"

test do
# NB: below C code is messily formatted on purpose.
(testpath/"test.c").write <<-EOS
int main(char *args) { \n \t printf("hello"); }

assert_equal "int main(char *args) { printf(\"hello\"); }\n",
shell_output("#{bin}/clang-format -style=Google test.c")

3 comments on commit 08e363c


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alexeagle replied Feb 24, 2015

[I'm working with Martin]

@MikeMcQuaid is there a particular reason -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=None is in *std_cmake_args ?

When I build this formula with -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release I get a 1.4MB binary, but the current formula produces a 3MB binary. I'd like to send a PR to change it, but want to understand if there is a reason for this comment:
"Setting it to Release would ignore our flags."



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MikeMcQuaid replied Feb 25, 2015

We want to set our own e.g. CFLAGS and CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release sets the flags to the CMake defaults.


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alexeagle replied Feb 25, 2015

It seems like that results in this (and probably other) binaries being larger than needed. I wonder if some are even compiled with debug instead of opt?
I'm no expert on C++ compilation, and I've built my own smaller clang-format for my own needs, so I'll just drop this thread.

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