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Google Sheets script for fetching and formatting InfluxDB data
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What is this?

Simple Google Sheets plugin for fetching data from an InfluxDB instance and formatting it nicely. It exposes a single public function to the sheets INFLUXQUERY.

How do I set it up?

  • Create a spreadsheet.
  • Go to Tools->Script Editor.
  • Copy paste code from into the file (rename to whatever you want).
  • Use the single public function INFLUXQUERY in your spreadsheet.

Alternatively you can use the example sheet here:

WARNING: Assume that this sheet is not up to date. The single source of truth is this Git repo. I will try to keep the script in there in sync with the one in this repo but assume it's out of sync.

How do I use the function?

It should be well documented with the inline docs (which pop-up during autocompletion). One useful thing to note is that if you set the raw parameter to TRUE then you'll see exactly what was returned by influx, which might be helpful in debugging.

Why haven't you released this as an add-on for Google Sheets?

Partly I can't be bothered! However, Git is a much better way of tracking changes and handling feature requests.

It doesn't work/it doesn't do what I want!

Let me know. I'm happy to improve it. Or send a pull request.

There's a finite limit to what it can sensibly do so I suspect it'll converge very quickly to a final form.

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