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Jira-Slack integrator in php


  • Send messages to Slack channels when Jira issues is created, updated and deleted
  • Send direct messages to Slack users when Jira issue is assigned to user
  • Send messages to different channels from projects Jira-projects
  • Show issue changelog into message


  • Clone repo or download files to your server
  • Set your host DocumentRoot into www directory
  • Create a directory for log file (default - www/logs) and set it write permissions
  • Add Slack incoming Hook integration and put URL into JiraSlackIntegration class config (line 14)
  • Put Jira URL into JiraSlackIntegration class config (line 15)
  • Add Jira hook with your host URL
  • Set $projectsToChannels and $jiraUsersToSlack settings in JiraSlackIntegration class