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Hibernate-Search with the JPA provider you want
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Development moved to Merging into Hibernate Search core started. This version however can already be tried out :).

Hibernate-Search with the JPA provider you want.

Currently supported JPA providers:

  • Hibernate (Sync & Async backend)
  • EclipseLink (Sync & Async backend)
  • OpenJPA (Async backend)

The sync backend uses the existing update event systems from the specific providers. Therefore, not all of the providers are currently supported, yet.

The async backend uses Triggers on the database levels to store information about the events in auxilliary tables. These are then queried by Hibernate-Search-GenericJPA periodically and applied to the index.

Currently supported Databases for the async backend:

  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL

This project is the result of my Bachelors Thesis, which can be found here:

As part of my Thesis I also had to do a short presentation. This can be found in the Thesis repository as well:

Usage example

A short example using this API using EclipseLink can be found here:

How-To build

mvn install -DskipTests


Hibernate Search is an awesome library if you have a JPA based application and want to add fully fletched fulltext search capabilities to your domain model. You simply add annotations to the fields you want to index and then you can generate a working Index from the JPA objects. When the database changes, the index is updated accordingly. This works just fine (TM).

Here is an example from the Hibernate Search getting started page

public class Book {

  private Integer id;

  @Field(index=Index.YES, analyze=Analyze.YES, store=Store.NO)
  private String title;

  @Field(index=Index.YES, analyze=Analyze.YES, store=Store.NO)
  private String subtitle;

  @Field(index=Index.YES, analyze=Analyze.NO, store=Store.YES)
  private Date publicationDate;

  private Set<Author> authors = new HashSet<Author>();
  public Book() {

  // standard getters/setters follow here
  // ...

One of the few problems it has, is that once you decide to use Hibernate Search you have to use/stick with Hibernate ORM and lose the possibility to swap the JPA provider for something along the lines of EclipseLink (switching the JPA provider - in my eyes - is one of the big benefits of using JPA), i.e. because your (new) Jave EE Container ships with it and you don't want to change it. This is due to Hibernate Search relying on Hibernate ORM specific events to update its index. These are by far more sophisticated than the ones plain JPA provides and while other JPA providers might have similar features, there is no clear specification for these.

The current problem

The goal of Hibernate-Search-JPA is to fix this and provide an integration of Hibernate Search's Engine that works with (most) JPA providers (and for now only SQL databases):

What we aim for

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