LabView module implementing Simplex AO for 3D SMSN imaging in tissue specimens
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Labview AO Instructions.pdf

Labview Module for Simplex Algorithm based Adaptive Optics in Single Molecule Switching Nanoscopy (SMSN)

This package contains an example lab view code module for implementing Nelder-Mead Simplex Algorithm for AO and adaptive PSF shaping in SMSN.

Main Code Name:

Other Files

The subvis required by Simplex-AO can be found in the folder “subvis”. Additionally, there is an example file named Initial_Simplex_Guess_Example, containing initial, depth dependent guesses for the simplex algorithm.

Author and Citation

Main Author: Michael Mlodzianoski

We would like to thank Edward Allgeyer and George Sirinakis, University of Cambridge for programming parts of subvis included in this module.

Please cite the article in your publications if it helps your research:

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