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ACF Options Page Admin

Allows creation of options pages using Advanced Custom Fields Pro without needing to do any PHP coding.

Requires that ACF5 Pro is installed.

This plugin will not provide any functionality if ACF5 Pro is not installed and active


  • Download and decompress plugin
  • Create a folder in your plugins folder named "acf-options-page-adder"
  • Upload files to the folder you just created
  • Activate plugin

Options Pages

Allows adding options pages though an admin interface. Supports all the features of ACF Options Pages. For more information see http://www.advancedcustomfields.com/resources/options-page/

Change capabilit

The capability required to add/edit options pages was changed to "manage_options" in version 3.3.0. This can be altered by adding a filter

add_filter('acf-options-page-adder/capability', 'my_acf_options_page_adder_cap');
function my_acf_options_page_adder_cap($cap) {
  $cap = 'edit_published_posts';
  return $cap;

Get Options Page Save to ID

Added in version 3.5.0 functions to get the options save to value ($post_id), also added a filter. This function or filter will return the current "post_id" setting of for an "menu_slug". It will return either "options" or a post ID if the options page is set to save values to a post object. Example of use

// example 1: get_options_page_id()

// get the post_id of an options page
$post_id = get_options_page_id('my_options_page_slug');
// get a value using $post_id
$value = get_field('my_option_field', $post_id);
// example 2: by filter
$default = 'option',
$slug = 'my_options_page_slug';
$post_id = apply_filters('get_option_page_id_filter', $default, $slug);
$value = get_field('my_option_field', $post_id);

// or like this
$value = get_field('my_option_field', apply_filters('get_option_page_id_filter', $default, $slug));

There is a condition where you will get the incorrect post id. This condition is created by having a top level redirect page that is set to redirect to the first sub options page. If there is no sub options page that exists then it will return the value for the top level options page. If you later create a sub options page it will return the new value from the sub options page. This is why I have see the default value of redirect to false. If you want the top level page to redirect the you need to be aware that it can cause you issues later down the road if you haven't created a sub option page. You should also specifically set the order of sub options pages so that these do not change at some point in the future because adding a new options page with the same order as the existing top level page will alter the save and get location to the new options page. There's noting I can do about this, it the way it works. When setting up ACF options pages to save to a post instead of options you must be more precise in with the options page arguments.


If you have created ACF options pages manually in code then there is a condition where this plugin will not correctly detect the top level options page in a group and will not be able to successfully add sub options pages to that group. This will happen if you have the top level options page set to redirect to the first sub options page. This problem can be avoided if

$menu_slug == strtolower(trim(preg_replace('/[^a-z0-9]+/i', '-', $page_title), '-'));

In other words, the slug must be all lower case and contain only letters, numbers and dashes (hyphens -) and that there is never 2 or more consecutive dashes.

Options page groups added using this plugin work correctly as this problem is dealt with internally.

##Saving options page values to a post ID ACF v5.2.7 added the ability to save options page fields to a post ID, so here's a hint. Why not save your values to the options page post that is created when you set up an options page using this plugin? The post type is already created and it really is a perfect place to store the values. Here's a bonus, if you delete the options page then all of those values will be deleted right long with it. You can even use get_fields($options_page_id) without needing to worry about getting the fields for the options page itself. Why? because all the fields used for creating the options page start with an underscore _ and will not be returned by get_fields(). The only thing you need to be careful of is not using any of the field names used by this plugin, which should be extremely easy since they all start with _acfop_.

Customize Options Page

Version 3.8.0 of this plugin added the ability to customize the ACF options page by adding header and footer content. In addtion to the WYSIWYG fields that have been added to the options page admin editor you can also customize these sections, or the entire options page using filters.

Version 3.8.2 of this plugin adds a toggle to enable this feature. This feature can cause an out of memory fatal error on options pages that have large numbers of fields. If content was entered into this field before the toggle to turn in on then the toggle will be automatically turned on. Otherwise the default for this option will be off.

Header Content

add_filter('acf-options-page-adder/page-header', 'my_custom_options_page_header', 10, 2);

function my_custom_options_page_header($content, $hook) {
  // $content = content, by default it is '' or the value of the WYSIWYG editor
	// $hook = the current options page hook that is being called
	$content = '<p>My Custom Header Content</p>';
	return $content;

Footer Content

add_filter('acf-options-page-adder/page-footer', 'my_custom_options_page_footer', 10, 2);

function my_custom_options_page_footer($content, $hook) {
  // $content = content, by default it is '' or the value of the WYSIWYG editor
	// $hook = the current options page hook that is being called
	$content = '<p>My Custom Footer Content</p>';
	return $content;

Filter Entire Options Page

add_filter('acf-options-page-adder/page-content', 'my_custom_options_page_filter', 10, 2);

function my_custom_options_page_filter($content, $hook) {
  // $content = entire content or options page, including all ACF fields
	// $hook = the current options page hook that is being called
	// caution should be taken when making modification to the page content
	return $content;


If you find my work useful and you have a desire to send me money, which will give me an incentive to continue offering and maintaining the plugins I've made public in my many repositories, I'm not going to turn it down and whatever you feel my work is worth will be greatly appreciated. You can send money through paypal to hube02[AT]earthlink[dot]net.

Automatic Updates

Github updater support has been removed. This plugin has been published to WordPress.Org here https://wordpress.org/plugins/options-page-admin-for-acf/. If you are having problems updating please try installing from there.

Remove Nag

You may notice that I've started adding a little nag to my plugins. It's just a box on some pages that lists my plugins that you're using with a request do consider making a donation for using them. If you want to disable them add the following filter to your functions.php file.

add_filter('remove_hube2_nag', '__return_true');