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#My Blog Engine!

##NOTE This version is no longer maintained. For the up to date version see

This is my small blog engine created for my personal use, but is free to use for anyone else, if you feel inclined to do so. ( But I wouldn't recommend it )

##About The engine is developed for an apache2 server, but might work on other server types to, if you are lucky.

##Usage Make sure that you have php installed on the server.

Copy all the files into a directory accessible by the server.

###Creating directories In that directory, create an entries/ directory and put at least one file in it. Then create a footnote/ directory and put the following files in it: footnote/ footnote/ footnote/ footnote/

###Choosing settings For apache's rewrite engine rewrite.conf is included, with instructions on where to put it.

In the files content-strings.ini and urls.ini can further settings be found ( that you should take a look on ).

In blog.php there is a link to my Disqus comments. I strongly recommend that you change what discussion this points to.

###Writing entries The engine is built on Parsedown, which allows the entries to be written in markdown.

All blog entries that should be published should be put in the entries/ folder.
Preferably, they should be named according to the format: due to how the engine checks for dates, and how the list functionality renders the entries.

##Licensing Parsedown is licensed under the MIT license, detailed here.

The blog engine in itself is currently not licensed under any license, but is due to be licensed under the GNU GPL, as soon as the Disqus comments are replaced by a free alternative.

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