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AGORAE – Participative knowledge management

License: GNU Affero General Public License


Home page:


Agorae is a server software. There is no need to install it on your own computer to use it. The usual way is to be "hosted" by one's own institution (ask your system administrator). If your use cases meet our research interests, we can also host your data on our community server.

Installation requirements

Installation procedure

Argos has been installed at

  • Type:

      git clone
      cd Agorae/couchdb
  • Copy agorae.sample.json as agorae.json.

  • Edit agorae.json to fit your settings:

    • change HTML footer and header if necessary,
    • a set of servers (e.g.,
    • a set of corpora (IDs),
    • a set of viewpoints (IDs),
    • auth, an authentication service (e.g.
  • Type:

      couchapp init
      couchapp push 
  • Go to

Installation on a different domain

Agorae and Argos does not need to be installed in the same database nor on the same server. For the latter, the CouchDB server hosting Argos must be set to allow "cross-origin resource sharing".

origins = *
headers = accept, authorization, content-type, origin
enable_cors = true

Tests requirements

  • Ruby
  • PhantomJS

Tests installation procedure

  • In any folder:

      sudo gem install poltergeist rspec

Tests running

  • In the Agorae folder:

      rspec spec/features/*