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from torch import nn
import torch
from nowcasting.config import cfg
class ConvLSTM(nn.Module):
def __init__(self, input_channel, num_filter, b_h_w, kernel_size, stride=1, padding=1):
self._conv = nn.Conv2d(in_channels=input_channel + num_filter,
self._batch_size, self._state_height, self._state_width = b_h_w
# if using requires_grad flag, will not save parameters in deed although it may be updated every epoch.
# Howerver, if you use declare an optimizer like Adam(model.parameters()),
# parameters will not be updated forever.
self.Wci = nn.Parameter(torch.zeros(1, num_filter, self._state_height, self._state_width)).to(cfg.GLOBAL.DEVICE)
self.Wcf = nn.Parameter(torch.zeros(1, num_filter, self._state_height, self._state_width)).to(cfg.GLOBAL.DEVICE)
self.Wco = nn.Parameter(torch.zeros(1, num_filter, self._state_height, self._state_width)).to(cfg.GLOBAL.DEVICE)
self._input_channel = input_channel
self._num_filter = num_filter
# inputs and states should not be all none
# inputs: S*B*C*H*W
def forward(self, inputs=None, states=None, seq_len=cfg.HKO.BENCHMARK.IN_LEN):
if states is None:
c = torch.zeros((inputs.size(1), self._num_filter, self._state_height,
self._state_width), dtype=torch.float).to(cfg.GLOBAL.DEVICE)
h = torch.zeros((inputs.size(1), self._num_filter, self._state_height,
self._state_width), dtype=torch.float).to(cfg.GLOBAL.DEVICE)
h, c = states
outputs = []
for index in range(seq_len):
# initial inputs
if inputs is None:
x = torch.zeros((h.size(0), self._input_channel, self._state_height,
self._state_width), dtype=torch.float).to(cfg.GLOBAL.DEVICE)
x = inputs[index, ...]
cat_x =[x, h], dim=1)
conv_x = self._conv(cat_x)
i, f, tmp_c, o = torch.chunk(conv_x, 4, dim=1)
i = torch.sigmoid(i+self.Wci*c)
f = torch.sigmoid(f+self.Wcf*c)
c = f*c + i*torch.tanh(tmp_c)
o = torch.sigmoid(o+self.Wco*c)
h = o*torch.tanh(c)
return torch.stack(outputs), (h, c)
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