Pong For The Nintendo Switch Using SDL C++ And libnx
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Pong for the Nintendo Switch Written in c++ and using SDL2

A basic implementation of pong for the switch (only tested by me and confirmed working on 5.0.2)

Getting Started

Clone or Download this git


you will need to install devkitpro and copy this source to a folder E.g. Desktop/switch_sdl_pong-master

From Msys2 Terminal :

cd [PATH TO SOURCE FOLDER] E.g. cd ~/Desktop/switch_sdl_pong-master

Once Compiled you will have a file in your switch_sdl_pong-master folder called switch_sdl_pong-master.nro rename this file switch_sdl_pong.nro

Insert your Switch SD Card and make a new folder inside of the switch folder called switch_sdl_pong
copy the switch_sdl_pong.nro to the same directory it shoul look like this SD:/switch/switch_sdl_pong/switch_sdl_pong.nro

You can now reinset your sd card into the switch and run it

Installing Pre-Built Release

Grab the latest release .zip file and extract it to the root of the switch sd card


Thanks to

  • Anyone Making Progress on switch hombrew
  • Anyone who has played this if even for 2 seconds
  • Anyone who is reading this