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Deploy FfDL Trained Models with Seldon

Seldon provides a deployment platform to allow machine learning models to be exposed via REST or gRPC endpoints. Runtime graphs of models, routers (e.g., AB-tests, Multi-Armed bandits) , transformers (e.g., Feature normalization) and combiners (e.g., ensemblers) can be described using a Custom Kubernetes Resource JSON/YAML and then deployed, scaled and managed.

Any FfDL model whose runtime inference can be packaged as a Docker container can be managed by Seldon.

Install Seldon

To install Seldon on your Kubernetes cluster next to FfDL see here.

Deployment Steps

To deploy your models on Seldon you need to

  1. Wrap your runtime inference components as Docker containers that follow the Seldon APIs
  2. Describe the runtime graph as a Custom Kubernetes SeldonDeployment Resource
  3. Apply the graph via the Kubernetes API, e.g. using kubectl