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Generate embedding vectors from text files
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IBM Code Model Asset Exchange: Word Embedding Generator

This repository contains code to generate word embeddings using the Swivel algorithm on IBM Watson Machine Learning. This model is part of the IBM Code Model Asset Exchange.

Machine learning algorithms usually expect numeric inputs. When a data scientist wants to use text to create a machine learning model, they must first find a way to represent their text as a vector of numbers. These vectors are called word embeddings. The Swivel algorithm is a frequency-based word embedding that uses a co-occurence matrix. The idea here is that words that have similar meanings tend to occur together in a text corpus. As a result, words that have similar meanings will have vector representations that are closer than those of unrelated words.

This demo contains scripts to run the Swivel algorithm on a preprocessed Wikipedia text corpus. For instructions on generating word embeddings on your own text corpus see the instructions in the original repository here.

Model Metadata

Domain Application Industry Framework Training Data Input Data Format
Text/NLP Natural Language General TensorFlow Any Text Corpus (e.g. Wiki Dump) Text


[1] N. Shazeer, R. Doherty, C. Evans, C. Waterson., "Swivel: Improving Embeddings by Noticing What's Missing" arXiv preprint arXiv:1602.02215 (2016)


Component License Link
This repository Apache 2.0 LICENSE
Model Code (3rd party) Apache 2.0 TensorFlow Models
Data CC BY-SA 3.0 Wikipedia Text Dump



  • This experiment requires a provisioned instance of IBM Watson Machine Learning service.

Setup an IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) account

  • Create an IBM Cloud Object Storage account if you don't have one (
  • Create credentials for either reading and writing or just reading
    • From the bluemix console page (, choose Cloud Object Storage
    • On the left side, click the service credentials
    • Click on the new credentials button to create new credentials
    • In the Add New Credentials popup, use this parameter {"HMAC":true} in the Add Inline Configuration...
    • When you create the credentials, copy the access_key_id and secret_access_key values.
    • Make a note of the endpoint url
      • On the left side of the window, click on Endpoint
      • Copy the relevant public or private endpoint. [I choose the us-geo private endpoint].
  • In addition setup your AWS S3 command line which can be used to create buckets and/or add files to COS.
    • Export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID with your COS access_key_id and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY with your COS secret_access_key


  • Install IBM Cloud CLI
    • Login using bx login or bx login --sso if within IBM
  • Install ML CLI Plugin
    • After install, check if there is any plugins that need update
      • bx plugin update
    • Make sure to setup the various environment variables correctly:

Training the model

The utility script will deploy the experiment to WML and start the training as a training-run

After the train is started, it should print the training-id that is going to be necessary for steps below

Starting to train ...
Model-ID is 'training-GCtN_YRig'

Monitor the training run

  • To list the training runs - bx ml list training-runs
  • To monitor a specific training run - bx ml show training-runs <training-id>
  • To monitor the output (stdout) from the training run - bx ml monitor training-runs <training-id>
    • This will print the first couple of lines, and may time out.

Exploring the embeddings

The utility script will download the results from the bucket, convert the embeddings into binary vector format, and run a python application to explore the embeddings:

When querying a single word, the results will list words that are similar in meaning.

query> dog

It is also possible to query to complete an analogy. (e.g. A man is to a woman as a king is to... )

query> man woman king
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