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backwork-backup-files Build Status PyPI version

Add support for file backups on backwork.


This plug-in is build on top of tar.


You can use pip to install this plug-in:

$ pip install backwork-backup-files


After installing the plug-in you will be able to use the backup files and restore files commands on backwork:

backwork backup files

$ backwork backup files -h
usage: backwork backup files [-h] -f FILE

Back up one or more files. It uses `tar -cz` which gzips the output. You can
use any of the arguments supported by `tar`. Add a list of files and
directories you want backed up as the last thing in the line. Use `tar --help`
for more information.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -o FILE, --output FILE  output gzipped file path

You can pass any option that you would normally use with tar:

$ backwork backup files -o foo.tgz --verbose /tmp /var/log

As shown in the --help message, there is one required arguments you must use in your backup process.

-o FILE or --output FILE will save the output of tar into a file.

backwork restore files

usage: backwork restore files [-h] input

Restore one or more files from a .tar.gz file. It uses `tar xvzf`. You can
use any of the arguments supported by `tar`. Use `tar --help` for more

positional arguments:
  input       .tar.gz file to restore from

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit

Important: There is a conflict with the -h argument since it is reserved for the help/usage message. Use --dereference to follow symlinks.

Building and Publishing

Travis will publish builds for you. To build, push a tag to the repo:

git tag -a v0.1.2 -m 'v0.1.2'
git push --tags