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Scores Service and WebApp


  • Setup the Scores Service and WebApp

Test the YouTube playlist with a sample setup for all scores parts.

Services used

  • Cloud Foundry Apps Node.js Buildpack
  • Cloudant
  • Cloud Functions
  • Lite API Management
  • API Connect


This is a simplified view on the scores architecture.

scores service api

Here is a small description for each major elements in the diagram.

  • WebApp

    The WebApp is the High Scores WebApp for the Blue Cloud Mirror Game. It is implemented in VUE and runs on a Cloud Foundry service in the IBM Cloud. At the moment the documentation is only for Cloud Foundry Apps, but in future documentation the deployment to Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment will be added.

    The execution is tested on a Chrome browser.

    The App consumes the scores functions API to display the scores list and high scores. You can also delete scores from this list.

    You can navigate from the High Scores App to the Blue Cloud Mirror Game.

    At the moment there is no auth implemented in the game app, to display or delete scores from this App. But this will be realized with usage of the APP ID service inside the Functions API in the future.

    To ensure no password is stored inside the browser, when using the WebApp, the current functions API does not request user auth.

  • Functions API

    The functions API is our serverless approach to secure the service API or directly the scores service. Later it will be possible integrate with the APP ID service to secure the access to the API with a OOTB user login.

    At the moment the IBM Lite API management exposes the APIs, which are implemented with actions or sequences inside IBM Functions. IBM Functions is based on Apache OpenWhisk.

    Inside the actions, the access to the service API or directly to scores service is enabled and can be configured. The action do contain the auth information for each of them.

  • Service API

    The service API is realized with the API Connect. It exposes a subset of the functionality from the scores service. The exposed API is secured with auth key.

  • Scores Service

    The scores service implements the access to a nosql database Cloudant. The major objective of scores service is to provide the add score and list score functionality.

Setup Instructions

The setup is organized in separated chapters.

Each chapter does setup a single part of the architecture. The setup is mostly automated with bash scripts. To configure these bash scripts you need to insert values in the scores.local.root.env file. Just copy and paste the file scores.local.root.env-template and rename the file to scores.local.root.env.

There are two major steps the core scores services and the High Score Web App setup.

Note: The setup description is for IBM Cloud, but you can run the Node.js apps also locally. The scores service uses port 3000 and webapp server the port 3001.

Sample for the scores service.

  • Install
npm install
bower install
  • Run locally
npm start
> node server.js
Listening on port (3000)
  • Browser URL: localhost:3000

1. Core scores services setup

These are the three steps to setup the core scores services.

  1. Service You must setup the Scores Service, the result is needed in the service api.
  2. Service API The Service API can be optional, if you decide not to use the API Connect instance on IBM Cloud as input for the Functions API.
  3. Functions API The Functions API is a must for the setup, because this API is used in the High Scores Web App.

2. High Score Web App setup

  • High Score Web App The High Scores Web App is integrated with the Game App and consumes the Scores Functions API.
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