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Ansible Z Playbook Repository

This repository provides playbooks that can be tailored to automate often repeated IBM Z tasks, links to blogs, and other related media.

An Ansible® playbook consists of organized instructions that define work for a managed node to be automated with Ansible. The playbooks in this repository are written using the collections from Red Hat® Ansible® Certified Content for IBM Z® offering. For a detailed overview of the collections, refer to the documentation.

The collections can be found on Ansible Galaxy and Automation Hub. For additional content, review our community page.

This repository is frequently updated to refresh content. We recommend that you clone the the repository and configure your GitHub notifications and subscriptions to receive ongoing updates about specific activity on GitHub.

Contribute Ansible Playbooks

We are accepting Ansible playbooks from the community. These playbooks should relate to IBM Z, and should either leverage the Red Hat Ansible Certified Content for IBM Z collections, or highlight additional capabilities and use-cases for Z automation. Check out the contribution guidelines for more information.


Playbooks are organized by topics that align to tasks and use cases that are often repeated and in need of automation.

Z Topics

z/OS® Topics


Don't have time to explore a collection, particular module or a playbook?
Learn all about the offerings from our blogs.
Don't know which one to read first? Well, here is a list of some of our recent blogs:


Want to experience Z automation with Ansible without rolling up your sleeves? Take a look at some of our playbacks using our own playbooks available in this repository.

How playbooks are organized in this repository

All playbooks in this repository can run independently from any other playbook. Each playbook in this repository includes a README with a brief description, licensing and instructions on how to configure the playbook. If configuration is required, a default configuration will be included with the playbook.

For further reading on how playbook projects are organized in this repository, review the following documentation.


© Copyright IBM Corporation 2020, 2021


Licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0.


This project is supported by the community though Git issues.

The repository admins and content owners will engage directly with users on issues reported.

Playbooks are contributed by IBM and the broader Ansible Z community. Therefore, it may be helpful to review who contributed a playbook as well as its requirements before opening a Git issue. You can view who the contributor was by looking at the playbooks commit history as well as notes in the playbook.


Sample playbooks utilizing Red Hat Ansible Certified Content for IBM Z







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