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#AWS Pancancer Workflow Launcher

This guide will help you get started using the Pancancer CLI tool on Amazon's cloud. You are responsible for your cloud expenses for this tutorial, be careful to monitor your usage and terminate VMs when you are finished.

The Pancancer Workflow Launcher and Command Line Tool (CLI) L4A ("Launcher For Amazon") is a system that will allow you to schedule and execute the BWA Pancancer workflow on a fleet of virtual machines in a Amazon's EC2 cloud-computing environment.

Pancancer CLI Diagram - Overview

The diagram above shows some detail about how the Pancancer Workflow Launcher and CLI tool are used to manage a fleet of VMs executing pancancer workflows. The details of how this is done can be found in the document below.

##What You Need

Before you get started, there are a few items you will need to have available:

  • A valid account on Amazon AWS EC2, with access to the "us-east-1" (North Virginia) AWS region.
  • A valid key file that you can use to log in to your EC2 VMs. Click here for a document about how to generate these pem keys.
  • Your AWS Key and Secret Key. If you don't know your Key and Secret Key, this document may be able to help you.

Click here to read about the next step: launching a VM.