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// to use existing datasets
var diamonds, mpg, seals, economics;

function preload() {
	diamonds = loadJSON("");
	seals = loadJSON("");
	mpg = loadJSON("");
	economics = loadJSON("");

Getting Started

// initiate a variable
let foo;
function setup(){
  // create a new p5.plot instance and store it in the variable
  foo = new p5.Plot();

The p5.plot object instance takes in the following constructors:

  • data

Takes in an array of objects

  • xkey

Specify the key value for x axis.

  • ykey

Specify the key value for y axis.

  • type

Supports "line", "point", "area", "density", "box", "histogram", "pie"

  • left

The left position of the graph. Takes a number.

  • top

The top position of the graph. Takes a number.

  • right

The right position of the graph. Takes a number.

  • bottom

The bottom position of the graph. Takes a number.

  • background

Whether to draw background. Takes true or false.

  • backgroundcolor
  • gridcolor
  • gridweight
  • cols

The number of columns of the grid.

  • rows

The number of the rows of the grid.

  • fillcolor

The filling color of the graph.

  • strokecolor
  • strokeweight
  • pointdiameter

The numeric value of the diameter of the points on the graph.

  • bins

Number of bins to group the datasets.

Types of Graphs

  • Line graph

{type: 'line'}

  • Point graph

{type: 'point'}

  • Area graph

{type: 'area'}

  • Density graph, one contineous variable

{type: 'density'}

  • box and whisker plot

{type: 'box'}

  • Histogram

{type: 'histogram'}, one contineous variable

  • Pie chart

{type: 'pie'}


  • redraw()

Put this in draw to use the hover function. Example:

  • hover()

Now supports point graph, line graph and histogram. Example:

foo.hover(mouseX, mouseY, 'point');
foo.hover(mouseX, mouseY, 'bin');
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