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EpubCheck Release

EpubCheck is a tool to validate EPUB files. It can detect many types of errors in EPUB. OCF container structure, OPF and OPS mark-up, and internal reference consistency are checked. EpubCheck can be run as a standalone command-line tool or used as a Java library.


Check the releases page to get the latest distribution.

EpubCheck 4.0.2 is the latest recommended version to validate both EPUB 2 and 3 files.


Documentation on how to use EpubCheck, to contribute to the project or to translate messages is available on the EpubCheck wiki.

Technical discussions are hosted on the EpubCheck Google Group


EpubCheck is a project coordinated by IDPF. Most of the EpubCheck functionality comes from the schema validation tool Jing and schemas that were developed by IDPF and DAISY. Initial EpubCheck development was largely done at Adobe Systems.

Authors and contributors to EpubCheck include:

  • Peter Sorotokin
  • Garth Conboy
  • Markus Gylling
  • Piotr Kula
  • Paul Norton
  • Jessica Hekman
  • Liza Daly
  • George Bina
  • Bogdan Iordache
  • Romain Deltour
  • Thomas Ledoux
  • Tobias Fischer
  • Steve Antoch
  • Arwen Pond
  • Masayoshi Takahashi
  • Satoshi KOJIMA


EpubCheck is made available under the terms of the New BSD License

Building EpubCheck

Build Status

To build epubcheck from the sources you need Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.7 or above and Apache Maven 2.3 or above installed. On Windows, you should build in a git bash shell (see help)

You will also need Python to be able to run the BookReporter and related tools.

Build and run tests:

$ mvn install

Will copy .*jar files and packages to target/ folder...