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Magic mirror application. Written with C# .NET, UWP. For presentation @ MKE DOT NET 2016.
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Magic mirror application. UWP app, written with C# .NET. For presentation @ MKE DOT NET 2016.


If you fork this repository, you will need to configure the application in order for it to function as you would expect. The Settings.cs class and corresponding Configuration.resw file contain the various configuration that the application relies on to execute.

  • AzureEmotionApiKey visit Microsoft Cognitive Services, Emotion API to get register for free and get your own subscription key.
  • OpenWeatherApiKey visit Open Weather API to sign up for free and get your subscription key.
  • WeatherUom desired UOM, imperial or metric.
  • City the city in which to query weather for, i.e.; for me this is Pewaukee since that is where I live.
  • Calendars this is a complex object that is stored as JSON and serialized / deserialized as a List<CalendarConfig> (where credentials are optional). The only requirement is that the URL is an accessible endpoint that returns valid iCal (*.ics) formatting --


To ensure your settings and API keys remain safe and secure, execute the following command to remove the local changes you make to the configuration from git ever watching eye.

git update-index --assume-unchanged [file path]Mirror/Configuration.resw


I took the time to blog about the entire process, enjoy!

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