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Dataverse is an open source web application for sharing, citing, analyzing, and preserving research data (developed by the Data Science and Products team at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science and the Dataverse community). is our home on the web and shows a map of Dataverse installations around the world, a list of features, integrations that have been made possible through REST APIs, our development roadmap, and more.

We maintain a demo site at which you are welcome to use for testing and evaluating Dataverse.

To install Dataverse, please see our Installation Guide which will prompt you to download our latest release.

To discuss Dataverse with the community, please join our mailing list, participate in a community call, chat with us at, or attend our annual Dataverse Community Meeting.

We love contributors! Please see our Contributing Guide for ways you can help.

Dataverse is a trademark of President and Fellows of Harvard College and is registered in the United States.

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