A data repository framework to share and publish research data.
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Dataverse is an open source web application for sharing, citing, analyzing, and preserving research data (developed by the Data Science and Products team at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science).

Institutions and organizations can choose to install the Dataverse software for their own use. In this case, the institution will be responsible for maintaining the application; installing upgrades, setting up backups and data replication as needed. Dataverse 4.0 is now released and used by the Harvard Dataverse: dataverse.harvard.edu. If you'd like to first test it, you can use our demo site: demo.dataverse.org.

For more general information about Dataverse please visit dataverse.org.

The Dataverse code is open-source and free.

Dataverse releases are available for download from https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/releases and installation instructions can be found in the Installation Guide.

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