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This is the README for MetaDataPlayer, an opensource web player with metadata support.


o Reads json-converted cinelab metadata
o Reads from Youtube, Dailymotion and Flash backends
o Loads the data as JSON as well as JSONP


  • jQuery 1.4
  • jQuery UI 1.4
  • the java jre (for building the sources)

Building the library

The library files are scattered in many files. An ant build script has been made to make the developer and minified versions of the player. It is located in sbin/build/client.xml. To build the library, simply run sbin/build/compil.bat if you are running windows, or sbin/build/ if you're running Unix.

Running the examples

You'll have to have a web server configured to serve the metadataplayer directory, because of the flash cross-domain policy.

The code

The code is scattered among several files, which are concatenated and minified during the build process. The html templates in the templates/ directory are also "jsified" during this process, to be used by the js code.