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Repository for GIS task sheet code
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Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Geospatial Technology Program

This repository is designed to host data and web mapping scripts utilized in the Task Sheets and training workshops offered by the [Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Geospatial Technology Program] ( (ISUEOGTP).

The ISUEOGTP is administered through the Communities and Economic Development Extension office. The ISUEPGTP's mission is to provide training opportunities to those that are interested in learning geospatial technologies necessary for analyzing and visualizing data. Training opportunities include:

  • Essentials of ArcGIS Tutorial Series, which provides hands-on introductory instruction to ArcGIS software,
  • Essentials of QGIS Tutorials Series, hands-on workshop introducing QGIS and other open-source geospatial tools.
  • Task Sheets that supplement workshop tutorials by providing quick 'how-to-do' for a wide variety of geospatial, webmapping, coding and data visulization tasks.

To find a full list of task sheets, visit: (

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