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Smack Your Brother

A small clicker game themed around smacking your brother - Apologies for those who can't relate 🤷‍♂️

As the title and sub-title said, this is a small WPF/C# game that is designed around smacking your brother. The game currently has a big button that signifies "smacking" your brother. I want to eventually add a nice little animation or something here but I'm not creative in the slightest 😩 I also used Caliburn Micro for the MVVM backing 🙌 👨‍💻

The game also has a number of "upgrades" that can be purchased to increase the amount of points that are rewarded with each smack. The current upgrades include:

Upgrade Name Initial Cost Reward
Extra Hand 20 1
Slipper 150 3
Shoe 400 5
Phone Book 2,000 8
Keyboard 15,000 12
Stick 30,000 20
Hammer 100,000 50
Microwave 500,000 80

As you can see, anyone who wants to play this game is in for the long haul 😅

I plan to add more upgrades and maybe more features in the future but for right now, I just want to put this here and see what happens 😇

You can also save and load your game data so that you don't lose your progress. This is stored in a txt file using JSON.

Here is a GIF of the game being played (Sped up, obviously...) 🕹️:


Date Changes
24/01/2020 Simplified the generic button animation. Added toggle buttons for the smack and purchase sound effects (by the way I added a purchase sound effect 😂 ). Finally, I added a slider for the background music volume.
30/12/2019 What I would call the first fully working program. Finished the styling of stats and sounds. Still have some improvements to add, for example: Muting and changing the volume of game sounds and music
14/11/2019 Added stats popup. Added stats to load and save procedures. Fixed some save and load messages. Half way through styling the stats DataGrid. See commit for full info