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Dialogflow V2: Unity Plugin Proposal

Project Description

The Dialogflow V2 Unity Plugin is a continuation from Unity Plugin, which made it easy to integrate the Dialogflow( natural language processing API into your Unity project.

Team Members

Define the problem

  • Unity Plugin is no longer working in Dialogflow V2, due to the difference in the way the basic system works (Dialogflow API v2 versus v1).
  • Dialogflow API V1 will be shut down in one year – on October 23rd, 2019.
  • Our goal will be figuring out ways to build similar plugin that works in Dialogflow V2 system.

Address Greater Landscape

Opening new possibilities to involve voice-based conversational interaction in VR and AR environment.


  • Feature: listening and sending voice data from Unity to the Dialogflow V2 service for recognition and processing
  • Doc: show and explain how to use it (including STT process, if required)


This project will be completed over 5 weeks (Nov 6 - Dec 11). Describe a timeline in detail below.

Week 1

  • Defining project schedule and make proposal presentation
  • Reaching out mentors
  • Meeting with Nicole @1PM, Nov 8
  • Dialogflow V2 Unity Plugin Hackathon Nov 11

Week 2

Dialogflow API Admin
401 error to access Dialogflow project
  • Adding the “client_email” to "INVITE NEW PEOPLE" will give access to the Dialogflow project:
Successful access to Dialogflow project

Week 3

Audio request support from Dialogflow
Audio Source in Unity

Week 4

  • Testing with a text call "hello", which received fulfillment response of "Hiiiii Unity~~~" from "Default Welcome Intent" in Dialogflow
Fulfillment message in Unity via text input

Week 5

  • Using Audio Source instead of text query
  • Creating example!


  • Initial documentation including basic intro, proposal and brief process will be updated in, while instructional contents will exist as a GitHub Page.


All documentation will be done with considerations of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guide.


  • Nicole He: Dialogflow Mentor
  • Igal Nassima: Unity Mentor

More about team

Ilana Pecis Bonder

  • Creative Technologist and UI/UX Specialist
  • Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)
  • Portfolio

Alice Sun

  • Graphic & interaction designer
  • Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)
  • Blog

Lin Zhang

  • Front-end developer
  • Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)
  • Blog



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