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Unofficial fork of Android Ice Cold Project, for n7.1 builds.

Include latest LOS (cm-14.1) patches.

Download the Source

Please read the AOSP building instructions before proceeding.

Initializing Repository

Repo initialization:

repo init -u -b n7.1

sync repo :

repo sync

Some info on how to customize your sync:

option description
-f, --force-broken continue sync even if a project fails to sync
--force-sync overwrite an existing git directory if it needs to point to a different object directory. WARNING: this may cause loss of data
-l, --local-only only update working tree, don't fetch
-n, --network-only fetch only, don't update working tree
-c, --current-branch fetch only current branch from server
-j JOBS, --jobs=JOBS projects to fetch simultaneously (default 4)
--no-clone-bundle disable use of /clone.bundle on HTTP/HTTPS
--no-tags don't fetch tags

Smallest/fastest sync:

repo sync --no-tags --no-clone-bundle  

we already define -c in our default.xml, so no need to add it


After the sync is finished, please read the instructions from the Android site on how to build.

. build/

You can also build (and see how long it took) for specific devices like this:

. build/
time brunch angler

Remember to make clobber every now and then!

Optional After Successful Build

After you get a working build, and if you would like to share your build on XDA (Regular Unofficial Builds), then please use the following Template to create an XDA thread. Note that the template is a guideline of sort. You may make your own changes to it (esp please do in the download link) but try and make your thread as close to this one as possible. This is to avoid cluttering and make stuff organized.

Link :

Uploading to AICP Gerrit

  1. You must have local ssh keys on your computer if you do not here is a guide to generate them.
  2. Make an account on Gerrit login only using GoogleAuth2
  3. Add your ssh public key to your account
  4. Make your changes and commit them
  5. use the following command to push your commit to gerrit

(From root android directory)

. build/
repo start n7.1 path/to/project

(Go to repo you are patching, make your changes and commit)

repo upload .

For more help on using this tool, use this command: repo help upload

You can also use:

git push ssh:// HEAD:refs/for/branch-name


git push ssh:// HEAD:refs/for/n7.1
  1. You will get an error about a missing Change-ID in that error it will show you a suggested commit message copy the change id
  2. Do the following command and add the change id to the end of the commit message
git commit --amend

Here is an example of what the commit message should look like:

Add how to push to gerrit

Change-Id: I93949d30d732de35222d9d78d1f94e33e4bffc47

  1. use the same command to push to gerrit and if you did everything properly it will be up on gerrit

Maintain Authorship

Always make sure if you submit a patch/fix that you maintain authorship. This is very important to not only us but to the entire open source community. It's what keeps it going and encourages more developers to contribute their work.

If you manually cherry pick a patch/fix add the original author prior to pushing to our gerrit. This task is very easy and is usually done after you commit a patch/fix locally.

i.e - Once you type in "git commit -a" the commit message and you have saved it, type in the following:

git commit --amend --author "Author <>"

So it should look like this once you get all author's information:

git commit --amend --author "John Doe <>"

Note: If you're a Kanger, Alex Cruz ( @Mazda-- ) will hunt you down, burn you at the stake, and eat you alive!

Picking changes from our gerrit

(From root android directory)

. build/

to pick every change from a topic:

repopick -t topic

to pick a specific change

repopick commit-number

example, to pick this commit:

repopick 36939