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@dnsmichi dnsmichi released this Feb 26, 2019 · 1127 commits to master since this release

Changelog & Announcement


  • Stalled TLS connections on reload/Director deployments (#6816 #6898 ref/NC/588119)
  • 'Connection: close' header leading to unstable instance, affects Ruby clients (#6799)
  • Server time in the future breaks check result processing (#6797 ref/NC/595861)
  • ScheduledDowntimes: Generate downtime objects only on one HA endpoint (#2844 ref/IC/9673 ref/NC/590167 ref/NC/591721)
  • Improve activation & syncing for downtime objects generated from ScheduledDowntimes (#6826 ref/IC/9673 ref/NC/585559)
  • Generate a runtime downtime object from already running ScheduledDowntime objects (#6704)
  • DB IDO: Don't enqueue queries when the feature is paused in HA zones (#5876)
  • Crashes with localtime_r errors (#6887)

Documentation updates:

  • Ephemeral port range blocking on Windows agents (ref/NC/597307)
  • Technical concepts for the check scheduler (#6775)
  • DB IDO cleanup (#6791)
  • Unified development docs (#6819)
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