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@nilmerg nilmerg released this Apr 25, 2019

What's New in Version 2.6.3

You can find issues related to this release on our Roadmap.

PHP 7.3

Now supported. 🎉

LDAP - Community contributions, that's the spirit

With the help of our users we've finally fixed the issue that defining multiple hostnames and enabling STARTTLS has
never properly worked. Also, they've identified that defining multiple hostnames caused a customized port not being
utilized and fixed it themselves.

There has also a rare case been fixed that caused no group members being found in case object classes had a different
casing than what we expected. (Good news for all the non-OpenLdap and non-MSActiveDirectory users)

  • LDAP connection fails with multiple servers using STARTTLS #3639
  • LDAPS authentication ignores custom port setting #3713
  • LDAP group members not found #3650

We take care about your data even better now

With this are newlines and HTML entities (such as  ) in plugin output and custom variables meant.
Sorry if I've teased some data security folks now. 😇

  • Newlines in plugin output disappear #3662
  • Windows path separators are converted to newlines in custom variables #3636
  • HTML entities in plugin output are not resolved if no other HTML is there #3707

You've wondered how you got into a famous blue police box?

Don't worry, not only you and the european union are sometimes unsure what's the correct time.

  • Set client timezone on DB connection #3525
  • Ensure a valid default timezone is set in any case #3747
  • Fix that the event detail view is not showing times in correct timezone #3660

UI - The portal to your monitoring environment, improved

The collapsible sidebar introduced with v2.5 has been plagued by some issues since then. They're now fixed. Also,
the UI should now flicker less and properly preserve the scroll position when interacting with action links. (This
also allows the business process module to behave more stable when using drag and drop in large configurations.)

  • Collapsible Sidebar Issues #3187
  • Fix title when closing right column #3654
  • Preserve scroll position upon form submits #3661

Corrected things we've broke recently

That's due to preemptive changes to protect you from bad individuals. Unfortunately this meant that some unforeseen
side-effects appeared after the release of v2.6.2. These are now fixed.

  • Multiline values in ini files broken #3705
  • PHP ini parser doesn't strip trailing whitespace #3733
  • Escaped characters in INI values are not unescaped #3648

Though, if you've faced issue #3705 you still need to take manual
action (if not already done) as the provided fix does only prevent further occurrences of the resulting error. The
required changes involve the transformation of all real newlines in Icinga Web 2's INI files to literal \n or \r\n
sequences. (Files likely having such are the roles.ini and announcements.ini)

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@lippserd lippserd released this Nov 21, 2018 · 376 commits to master since this release

What's New in Version 2.6.2

You can find issues and features related to this release on our Roadmap.

This bugfix release addresses the following topics:

  • Database connections to MySQL 8 no longer fail
  • LDAP connections now have a timeout configuration which defaults to 5 seconds
  • User groups are now correctly loaded for externally authenticated users
  • Filters are respected for all links in the host and service group overviews
  • Fixed permission problems where host and service actions provided by modules were missing
  • Fixed an SQL error in the contact list view when filtering for host groups
  • Fixed time zone (DST) detection
  • Fixed the contact details view if restrictions are active
  • Doc parser and documentation fixes
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@lippserd lippserd released this Aug 2, 2018 · 426 commits to master since this release

What's New in Version 2.6.1

You can find issues and features related to this release on our Roadmap.

The command audit now logs a command's payload as JSON which fixes a
bug that has been introduced in version 2.6.0.

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@nilmerg nilmerg released this Jul 19, 2018 · 431 commits to master since this release

What's New in Version 2.6.0

You can find issues and features related to this release on our Roadmap.

Enabling you to do stuff you couldn't before

  • Support for PHP 7.2 added
  • Support for SQLite resources added
  • Login and Command (monitoring) auditing added with the help of a dedicated module
  • Pluginoutput rendering is now hookable by modules which allows to render custom icons, emojis and .. cute kitties :octocat:

Avoiding that you miss something

  • It's now possible to toggle between list- and grid-mode for the host- and servicegroup overviews
  • The servicegrid now supports to flip its axes which allows it to be put into a landscape mode
  • Contacts only associated with services are visible now when restricted based on host filters
  • Negated and combined membership filters now work as expected (#2934)
  • A more prominent error message in case the monitoring backend goes down
  • The filter editor doesn't get cleared anymore upon hitting Enter

Making your life a bit easier

  • The tactical overview is now filterable and can be safely put into the dashboard
  • It is now possible to register new announcements over the REST Api
  • Filtering for custom variables now works in UTF8 environments

Ensuring you understand everything

  • The monitoring health is now beautiful to look at and properly behaves in narrow environments
  • Updated German localization
  • Updated Italian localization

Freeing you from unrealiable things

  • Removed support for PHP < 5.6
  • Removed support for persistent database connections
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@nilmerg nilmerg released this Apr 27, 2018 · 636 commits to master since this release

This is a hotfix release and addresses an issue with frequent delays/timeouts when viewing hosts and services in the front-end. (#3436)

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@nilmerg nilmerg released this Apr 25, 2018 · 642 commits to master since this release

What's New in Version 2.5.2

You can find issues and features related to this release on our Roadmap.

UI Changes

The sidebar's search behaviour has been changed so that it does only react to user-input after the user stopped typing. Also, the cursor does not jump to the end of form-inputs anymore in case of an auto-refresh. We've also fixed an issue that caused custom icons to be inverted when placed in the sidebar. Last but not least, the header now expands its width beyond the 3840px mark and single dashlets do not show a horizontal scrollbar anymore.

PHP7 MSSQL Compatibility

Support for Microsoft's sqlsrv extension has been added. Also, it's now possible to setup MSSQL resources in the front-end using the dblib extension.

Proper Error Responses

An issue introduced with v2.5.1 has been resolved where some errors (especially HTTP 404 Not Found) were masked by another subsequent error.

Broken LDAP Group Memberships

An issue introduced with v2.5.1 has been resolved where users with a domain in their name were not associated with any LDAP groups.

Monitoring Module

Issuing a check using the "Check Now" action now properly causes a check being made by Icinga 2 even if outside the timeperiod. (Note: This issue was only present if using the Icinga 2 Api as command transport.)

Login/Logout Expandability

It's now possible for modules to provide hooks for the user authorization. This for example allows to transparently authenticate users in third-party applications such as Grafana.

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@lippserd lippserd released this Jan 22, 2018 · 739 commits to master since this release

What's New in Version 2.5.1

You can find issues and features related to this release on our Roadmap.

Besides many other bug fixes, Icinga Web 2 v2.5.1 fixes an issue where it was no longer possible to filter by host custom variables in service related views. Also, this release introduces detail views for the event history and improved upgrading docs. Furthermore, this version censors sensitive information (e.g. LDAP passwords) in exception stack traces.

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@lippserd lippserd released this Nov 27, 2017 · 886 commits to master since this release

What's New in Version 2.5.0

You can find issues and features related to this release on our Roadmap.

Raised PHP Version Dependency

Icinga Web 2 now requires at least PHP 5.6.

UI Changes

The style of the login screen and menu have been changed. Also, the menu of Icinga Web 2 is now collapsible. Browser tabs will not auto-refresh if they are inactive. Users are now allowed to change the default pagination limit via their preferences.

Domain-aware Authentication for Active Directory and LDAP Backends

If there are multiple AD/LDAP authentication backends with distinct domains, you are now able to make Icinga Web 2 aware of the domains. This can be done by configuring each AD/LDAP backend's domain. You can also use the GUI for this purpose. Please read our documentation for more information about this feature.

Changes in Packaging and Dependencies

Valid for distributions:

  • RHEL / CentOS 6 + 7
    • Upgrading to PHP 7.0 / 7.1 via RedHat SCL (new dependency)
    • See Upgrading to FPM for manual steps that are required
  • SUSE SLE 12
    • Upgrading PHP to >= 5.6.0 via the alternative packages.
      You might have to confirm the replacement of PHP < 5.6 - but that should work with any other PHP app as well
    • Make sure to enable the new Apache module a2enmod php7 and restart apache2

Discontinued Package Updates

For the following distributions Icinga Web 2 won't be updated past 2.4.x anymore:

  • Debian 7 wheezy
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (trusty)
  • SUSE SLE 11 (all service packs)

Please think about replacing your central Icinga system to a newer distribution release.

Also see for the currently supported distributions.

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@lazyfrosch lazyfrosch released this Sep 28, 2017 · 1394 commits to master since this release


Version 2.4.2
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@lippserd lippserd released this Jan 20, 2017 · 1394 commits to master since this release


Version 2.4.1
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