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About Ignitus

I’d like to introduce you to Ignitus (A Non-Profit Organization for the welfare of student community ) that helps students and professionals get handpicked top-quality global research and industrial internships, for free! The students participate in projects and training programs supervised by our experts. Our only goal is- 'Skyrocketing a students’ career by providing best global opportunities'. The platform has got exponential growth after successful internship completion by the associated students with researchers from SAIL (Stanford AI Lab) and Oxford University.

Ignitus is working with a non-profit GirlsScript Foundation, Woo-Tech which is committed to bringing together multiple such initiatives for a grand scale open-source project development program for women. We are honored to have among us more than admirable leaders in the fight for equal opportunities for women at Woo-Tech and GirlScript India and Program Manager of Systers, LEAN IN INDIA.

You can check out this YouTube Channel to get an overview of what we are all about.

We are organizing the following programs on a global scale where students can participate remotely to improve their skills and get real-world software development experience-

Ignitus Scholar

Ignitus Scholar helps beginners climb through the steep learning curve in starting computer science research and publish their own papers.

Students will work on research projects with professors, graduate students, PhDs, and PostDocs of top universities including Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Oxford, UC Berkeley, CMU, Yale, Princeton and more. The end goal is to publish top-quality papers through collaborative effort.

Ignitus Women In Tech

An upcoming global open-source project development program for women to give them real-world programming experience with experts.

The program is administered and organized by a joint collaboration of Ignitus, LeanIn India, GirlsScript Foundation, Woo-Tech, Women-In-Tech foundation and Systers.

Ignitus scholar consists of 100+ applicants who have worked ar Deep Learning Divison Mercedes-Benz, Harvard Innovation Labs, UC Berekely etc.

We have come a long way from humble beginnings, we now have 700+ targeted students, researchers who have actively volunteered to be a part of our organization. We aim to serve a larger student community in future.

A large number of students across the world can learn from experiences of each and every student and inputs, helping newcomers by answering their Queries related to M.S, Research internships, SOP etc. Ignitus is made with love from Students, Researchers of Stanford , MIT, Princeton, Georgia Tech, SUNY, Harvard, Oxford, UCB, UCLA, USC etc

Team Ignitus boasts of a dedicated workforce from Boston, Miami, Pittsburgh, Madrid, Houston, Munich, Princeton, Los Angeles, Vancouver and different parts of India. For more information about the organization please visit - AngelList, Blog, Facebook. Feel free to browse through

And meet Team Ignitus at

Ignitus Facebook.

Ignitus Medium.

Link to Join Ignitus Slack Channel.

If you want to help Ignitus as an Intern please follow the Link

And the best part is that Ignitus is Non-Profit Everyone is welcome to the community.


Few Blogs Posts on Ignitus that can help you better Understand it's Mission :

Ignitus YouTube -

Ignitus Quora -

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