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Vim plugin for CodeForces

What allows to do

UPD (18.05.2016)

I have finally returned submit function to my plugin! You should run server (python2 ~/.vim/bundle/codeforces.vim/plugin/ in plugin folder before contest. It opens chrome(now hardcoded). To start contest and login execute :CodeForcesInitServer, but before it add new variable g:CodeForcesPassword and do not forget about username in your .vimrc. You can use this window to watch CF, but I'd recommend you to move this window on another desktop, it will be managed by server. After successful login, you can submit with S-F5 as it was done before.

If you find a way to work with PhantomJS, pull request it! :)

New dependencies: python2-flask, python2-selenium

UPD (02.10.2015)

You can use 'Cyan' in coloring of standings after revolution!

P.S.: Please, merge CountZero's submitter with my plugin, I wish my plugin should submit :)

P.P.S.: does anybody use this plugin?)

UPD (28.05.2015)

After fixing bug of csrf-token contest list(with count of solved problems) and getting friends doesn't work. I wish I can fix it, but help me if you can. Also standings-with-friends can fail if you have many friends(cauze of get-request length restriction). Before contest I advice you to refresh all data, related to you, some values can expire(except for user-agent, ofc) suddenly. Read about these variables below I didn't test it in trains, but it shouldn't work in not public contests at all except for submit, but after update I'm not sure

What I'm planning to do

  • Full coloring of standings (I tested it on 10k users, it runs veryveryvery slow. So, I leave it as it is or, please, say how to do it in other way)
  • Room standings Done
  • Parsing samples and automatic testing like (C|J)Helper does. In progress...
  • Deleting unused code, local includes (C++) (You can watch here, script, which 'links' your code in specific format)
  • Change tabnew to user-defined command Done.
  • ...

Using and configuring


  • Use your favourite plugin manager, for example Bundle 'Igorjan94/codeforces.vim', then :PluginInstall
  • Just clone rep to your .vim/ directory

All variables and functions have name with prefix 'CodeForces'


  • Python
    • requests (all network)
    • HTMLparser (loadProblem, loadSubmission, loadFriends)
    • flask, selenium (submit)
  • EasyAlign for beautiful standings


set count of users on one page to 40(default 30):

  • let g:CodeForcesCount = 40

set current round to 518(default doesn't exists):

  • let g:CodeForcesContestId = 518

set interval results are updating after submit to 1 second(default 2):

  • let g:CodeForcesUpdateInterval = 1

set count of displayed submissions to 10(default 5):

  • let g:CodeForcesCountOfSubmits = 10

show unofficial(default false):

  • let g:CodeForcesShowUnofficial = 1

show only friends(default false):

  • let g:CodeForcesFriends = 1

set command to open standings/problem/submission (default 'tabnew'):

  • let g:CodeForcesCommandStandings = 'badd'
  • let g:CodeForcesCommandLoadTask = 'badd'
  • let g:CodeForcesCommandSubmission= 'badd'

set your handle:

  • let g:CodeForcesUsername = 'Igorjan94'

set your password:

  • let g:CodeForcesPassword = 'yourSecretPasswordHere'

there is (now) two formats of parsing contest:

  • /index (default) format: directory/{index}/{{index}.{ext}, {index}.problem, input{index}.in, output{index}.out}, where {index} = A, B ...
  • smthng else format: all files in one directory

set contest format to second one:

  • let g:CodeForcesContestFormat = 'smthngelse'

set filename to sample-input (default 'input'):

  • let g:CodeForcesInput = 'sampleInput'

set filename to sample-output (default 'output'):

  • let g:CodeForcesOutput = 'sampleOutput'

set filename to user-output (default 'my_output'):

  • let g:CodeForcesUserOutput = 'myCorrectOutput'

template file to copy in directory with samples/problem statement:

  • let g:CodeForcesTemplate = '/some/long/path/to/template.cpp'

change language to russian:

  • let g:CodeForcesLang = 'ru'


Next standings page:

  • :CodeForcesNextStandings

Prev standings page:

  • :CodeForcesPrevStandings

Get 10 standings page:

  • :CodeForcesPageStandings 10

Get standings 518 (if contestId is not set, then g:CodeForcesContestId):

  • :CodeForcesStandings 518

Get friends: !!!DOESN'T WORK NOW!!!

  • :CodeForcesLoadFriends

Show friends if not shown and vice versa:

  • :CodeForcesFriendsSet

Show unofficial if not shown and vice versa:

  • :CodeForcesUnofficial

Set g:CodeForcesContestId to contestId:

  • :CodeForcesSetRound 518

Just beautiful standings:

  • :CodeForcesColor

Load last submission under cursor(like ctrl-click in browser):

  • :CodeForcesSubmission

Get last submissions:

  • :CodeForcesUserSubmissions

Submit opened file as problem B1 to 513 round (requires password and server):

  • :CodeForcesSubmitIndexed 513 B1

Submit opened file to g:CodeForcesContestId round (requires password and server):

  • :CodeForcesSubmit

Load problem B from g:CodeForcesContestId:

  • :CodeForcesLoadTask B

Load problem B from g:CodeForcesContestId with parsing tests:

  • :CodeForcesLoadTaskWithTests B

Load problem B from contest 510 with/without tests:

  • :CodeForcesLoadTaskContestId 510 B True/False

Parse contest:

  • :CodeForcesParseContest

Test program on samples:

  • :CodeForcesTest

Get list of contests: (count of solved problems doesn't work!!!)

  • :CodeForcesContestList
  • :CodeForcesContestListNext
  • :CodeForcesContestListPrev


Of course, bind it like you want, I just suggest this:

  • nmap <leader>cfr <ESC>:CodeForcesSet_R_ound
  • nmap <leader>cfS <ESC>:CodeForces_S_ubmission<CR>
  • nmap <leader>cfp <ESC>:CodeForces_P_revStandings<CR>
  • nmap <leader>cfn <ESC>:CodeForces_N_extStandings<CR>
  • nmap <leader>cfs <ESC>:CodeForces_S_tandings<CR>
  • nmap <leader>cff <ESC>:CodeForces_F_riendsSet<CR>
  • nmap <leader>cfu <ESC>:CodeForces_U_nofficial<CR>
  • nmap <leader>cfl <ESC>:CodeForces_L_oadTask
  • nmap <leader>cfP <ESC>:CodeForces_P_ageStandings
  • nmap <leader>cfR <ESC>:CodeForces_R_oomStandings<CR>
  • nmap <leader>cfA <ESC>:CodeForcesP_a_rseContest<CR>
  • nmap <leader>cft <ESC>:CodeForces_T_est<CR>
  • nmap <leader>cfcl <ESC>:CodeForces_C_ontest_L_ist<CR>
  • nmap <leader>cfcn <ESC>:CodeForces_C_ontestList_N_ext<CR>
  • nmap <leader>cfcp <ESC>:CodeForces_C_ontestList_P_rev<CR>
  • nmap <leader>cfF <ESC>:CodeForcesLoad_F_riends<CR>

I think <S-F5> is very difficult to press occasionally, so:

  • noremap <S-F5> <ESC>:w<CR><ESC>:CodeForcesSubmit<CR>
  • noremap <S-F6> <ESC>:w<CR><ESC>:CodeForcesUserSubmissions<CR>


Folder CF:
codeforces.standings -- file to store standings

codeforces.users -- file with colors. In next versions will be command-generated, now by hand. Let's color users how you want! Format: handle Color

codeforces.friends -- file with friends. Simple list Color = { Red, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green, Gray, Unrated }

Known bugs features

  • It doesn't check any information entered by user
  • Submission for teams doesn't work
  • THEY MUST BE, I just haven't found'em


Igor Kolobov, aka Igorjan94

cf: Igorjan94
mail: Igorjan94@{,}
github: Igorjan94

Trung Nguyen

cf: I_love_Hoang_Yen
github: ngthanhtrung23