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Docker setup for running all components of the IIIF Curation Platform (ICP).


This repository contains scripts and configuration files for setting up an ICP instance with Docker containers.
To use the platform within a local network, it is sufficient to set the value of externalurl in the file to your IP within the network and then execute ./ followed by ./ In order to host a remotely accessible instance you need to know how to configure proxy settings of a web server (see details below).
Note that IIIF Curation Viewer, IIIF Curation Editor, IIIF Curation Player and JSONkeeper are usable out of the box. In order to make use of IIIF Curation Finder, IIIF Curation Manager and Canvas Indexer you have to configure Firebase authentication (see section First use below).


The setup script retrieves all of the ICP components and configures them so that they work together nicely and can be started with Docker. To do so it copies over files from the setup folder and then edits them in their respective destinations (folders Frontent/IIIFCurationViewer, JSONkeeper, etc.). This means that you can either make configuration changes in files in the setup folder and then run, or you first run the script and then edit configuration files in Frontend/IIIFCurationViewer, JSONkeeper, ... (the latter is preferred).


First use

  • in, set the value of externalurl and start_port
  • if Firebase is to be used
    • place a Firebase service account key file named firebase-adminsdk.json in setup/jk/
    • uncomment the [firebase] config section in setup/jk/config.ini
    • place a modified authFirebase.js in setup/cv/, setup/cf/, setup/cm/ and setup/ce/
      note: each of abovementioned services needs a distinct authFirebase.js file (you can run $ ./ once, obtain them from the respective Frontend/IIIFCuration*/ folder, edit the contents and then place each in it's respective setup/c*/ folder)
    • add the host part of externalurl to the authorized domains in your Firebase console
  • $ ./
  • $ ./

General use

  • $ ./ start the ICP
  • $ ./ stop the ICP
  • $ ./ output ICP logs to the terminal
  • $ ./ reset everything (application code, configuration, containers)
  • $ ./ reset containers (i.e application storage, but not configuration) (does not work with older Docker versions; verified with version 17.12.1)
  • $ docker restart <container_id>: make configuration changes take effect

Proxy config examples

Let's assume you want to serve the bundle on <your_host>/cp/..., have therefore set externalurl in to <your_host>/cp (no trailing slash) and set the start_port to 8001. Proxy configurations then may look as follows:


    # JSONkeeper
    ProxyPassMatch "^/cp/curation/(.*)" "$1"
    ProxyPassReverse "^/cp/curation/(.*)" "$1"
    # Canvas Indexer
    ProxyPassMatch "^/cp/index/(.*)" "$1"
    ProxyPassReverse "^/cp/index/(.*)" "$1"
    # IIIF Curation Viewer
    ProxyPassMatch "^/cp/viewer/(.*)" "$1"
    ProxyPassReverse "^/cp/viewer/(.*)" "$1"
    # IIIF Curation Finder
    ProxyPassMatch "^/cp/finder/(.*)" "$1"
    ProxyPassReverse "^/cp/finder/(.*)" "$1"
    # IIIF Curation Manager
    ProxyPassMatch "^/cp/manager/(.*)" "$1"
    ProxyPassReverse "^/cp/manager/(.*)" "$1"
    # IIIF Curation Editor
    ProxyPassMatch "^/cp/editor/(.*)" "$1"
    ProxyPassReverse "^/cp/editor/(.*)" "$1"
    # IIIF Curation Player
    ProxyPassMatch "^/cp/player/(.*)" "$1"
    ProxyPassReverse "^/cp/player/(.*)" "$1"
    # # Loris (deactivated by default)
    # ProxyPassMatch "^/cp/image/(.*)" "$1"
    # ProxyPassReverse "^/cp/image/(.*)" "$1"
Restricting access
  • run docker network inspect curationplatform9001_default[2] while the containers are running
  • note the value of Subnet (for the network, not a single container)
  • if not already existing, generate a htpasswd file (e.g.: sudo htpasswd -c /etc/apache2/.htpasswd curt)
  • configure Apache as shown below
    • replace <subnet_value> with the value you got in the first step
    • replace <path_to_htpasswd_file> with the path to your htpasswd file

[2] the network name may differ. run docker network ls to see all networks.

    <Location /cp/>
        Authtype Basic
        Authname "Password Required"
        AuthUserFile <path_to_htpasswd_file>
        Require valid-user
        Deny from all
        Allow from <subnet_value>
        Satisfy any


    # JSONkeeper
    location /cp/curation/ {
    # Canvas Indexer
    location /cp/index/ {
    # IIIF Curation Viewer
    location /cp/viewer/ {
    # IIIF Curation Finder
    location /cp/finder/ {
    # IIIF Curation Manager
    location /cp/manager/ {
    # IIIF Curation Editor
    location /cp/editor/ {
    # IIIF Curation Player
    location /cp/player/ {
    # # Loris (deactivated by default)
    # location /cp/image/ {
    #     proxy_pass;
    # }

Component specific notes

JSONkeeper & Canvas Indexer


JSONkeeper and Canvas Indexer are configured to use a SQLite database by default. You can use other types of databases by just changing the configuration. The Docker containers are set up to support SQLite and PostgreSQL out of the box. If you use another type of database, you might need to add installation instructions for an additional Python database driver in the respective Dockerfile files (see SQLAlchemy supported databases).


Docker setup for running all components of the IIIF Curation Platform (ICP).



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