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Monitors your working directory and automatically compiles files on change.
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  1. Intro
  2. Features
  3. How to Use
  4. Credits

CodeKit Alternative built on Node.JS

An attempt at replicating some of the awesome power in CodeKit.

Thank you, incident57 for providing the inspiration!

PLEASE NOTE: This has not been thoroughly tested! This is a prototype!

I do not take responsibility for ruining your working directory, use with caution...

Make sure to backup any directory before starting the Node Server!


  1. Live Reload

    Place a small snippet of code into your "views":

     <script src="./jquery.js"></script>
     <script src="./node-codekit-display.js"></script>

    ... and everytime you create or change a file in your project directory, NodeKit will instruct every instance of your page to refresh, ensuring every device is in sync. (it's compatible with:- Chrome, Safari, Firefox on Mac, Windows or Unix and Android and iOS devices)

  2. CSS Wizardry

    We've all been there, you just can't get the site to look quite right, you're playing with rules, and sometimes it's not convenient to do it in Debugging Tools, or maybe you're designing for a tablet or mobile device and don't have such luxuries.

    Well with NodeKit, Everytime a Stylesheet changes, it instructs all your browsers/displays (inc. Mobiles/Tablets) to reload the stylesheets, no refresh of the page needed!

  3. LESS Compiler

    Working with LESS? These will be compiled automatically for you!

    example: style.less => style.less.css
  4. CSS & JS Minifier/Compressor

    Using a YUI library, it compresses all of your CSS and Javascript files, to ensure peak performance on your webpage.

    example: style.less.css => style.less-min-yui.css
    example: jquery.js => jquery-min-yui.js
  5. Notifications

    Support for the desktop notifications via Growl

    Please refer to their installation how to, for OS specific dependancies.

    nodekit -n growl
  6. Cross-Platform

    Using only NodeJS and Node libraries (npm modules); it is truely cross platform; all you need is NodeJS and you're ready to go!

How to Use


    Install from NPM

     npm install -g node-codekit


    Navigate to the directory you want to watch and start node-codekit with the -i flag to setup your directory

     cd myProject/
     nodekit -i

    Follow the on-screen prompts.



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