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Augmented reality for Magento using Apple Arkit and Adobe Aero files
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Magento 2 Augmented Reality

Augmented reality for Magento using Apple ARKit ( and making it compatible with Adobe Project Aero (

Adobe Project Aero With Project Aero, designers will be able to create AR content using popular tools they already know such as Adobe Photoshop CC and Dimension CC. They'll be able to lay out and manipulate designs in physical spaces, making AR creation more fluid and intuitive. And they'll be able to deliver these immersive experiences to audiences on mobile devices faster and easier.

Apple ARKit Apple ARKit makes easy to bring the augmented reality experience to the iOs 12 users. Using a USDZ file you can add a full augmented reality experience to everyone that access your website using Safari on iOs 12. Check more on

Magento 2 integration With this new Magento 2 integration you will be able to add usdz files as product media content, and using few steps you will be able to offer a full AR experience to your Magento 2 customers.

Backend demo: ( backend.gif

Frontend demo: ( frontend.gif

Demo Links:

These are 2 demo links available at the moment. It runs only on iOs 12 devices using Safari browser (Apple ARKit requirements). This demo website is running with limited resources, so maybe it can run slow.

Guitar ->

Chair ->


Want to contribute? Great!


This extension was developed by Igor Ludgero Miura from Imagination Media. Free to download, free to use.

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