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IMIS (Infektions Melde und Informations System) digitalisiert und beschleunigt den Infektions-Meldeprozess, vom ersten Verdacht bis hin zur finalen Auswertung durch Ärzte und Behörden.
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IMIS Cover

Dieses Projekt entstand im Rahmen des #WirvsVirus-Hackathon.


Build and Deployment

General Guidelines


Development happens in dev using feature branches and PR. dev branch is deployed at:

Tech Stack

  • Backend: Spring Boot
  • Frontend: Vue.js
  • Persistence: PostgreSQL
  • Deployment: GKE

Benötigte Tools

  1. Docker
  1. JDK 11 (Java)

How to run this server?

Install Docker and run: docker-compose up

Local development setup

  1. Shell öffnen
  2. Make sure your $JAVA_PATH is set correctly
  3. Start PostgreSQL in docker container (before starting application): docker-compose up -d
  4. Download Gradle wrapper gradle wrapper
  5. Build application ./gradlew clean build
  6. Test application ./gradlew test
  7. Run application (including frontend) ./gradlew bootRun
  8. Start local development server for vue.js development ./gradlew serve

Quickstart for Backendserver to enable Frontend Development

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.frontend_dev.yml up

API communication

An API developed by the backend is served via swagger on the server: http://localhost/swagger-ui.html If you have a new API that should be created add them into the api-frontend folder.

CI system

All commits to dev, master, feature/* and all PRs will be CI checked.

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