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Immowelt Group

🚀 The Immowelt Group bundles under one roof powerful portals and software for the real estate industry.

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  1. A command line interface that aims to solve a few issues while working with flow typed codebases in a mono-repo.

    JavaScript 84 13

  2. 🚀 Create highly scalable and universal React microservices/applications within seconds.

    JavaScript 140 17

  3. Resolve your packages configuration from a .*rc or package.json file with a given property up the file-tree.

    JavaScript 2

  4. Makes snapshot testing of react-redux (e.g. mapStateToProps or mapDispatchToProps) glue-code easy as pie.

    JavaScript 7 1

  5. Create a consistently structured and feature enriched config object for your NodeJS package/project.

    JavaScript 5

  6. 🔧 A command line interface providing helpful AWS tools

    TypeScript 8 1


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